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HORSHAM, Pa. – Terry Curran is the state Ombudsman Director who works with the state’s team of 21 Ombudsman located throughout Pennsylvania. The team assist in preventing, reducing or resolving employer or Service member misunderstandings regarding employment rights and responsibilities under Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA). 

Ombudsman offer services to Guard and Reserve members and employers throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; they impartially advocate for the USERRA Law to mediate service member or employer misunderstandings of the law.

USERRA specifically delineates the responsibility of Guard and Reserve personnel in keeping their employer informed about their military obligations relating to drill periods, annual training, attendance at military schools, and pending deployments. Conversely, the law specifies employer responsibilities to service members relating to time off for service, reinstatement upon return from service, benefits and training.  Ombudsman will willingly offer USERRA educational services to corporate human resource departments and leadership.  Visit to learn more about USERRA.

Pennsylvania’s Ombudsman team received and resolved approximately 45 USERRA cases in 2021.  Examples of the top service member concerns addressed by Curran and the state Ombudsman team include the following: 

  1. Reinstatement;
  2. Military Obligation Discrimination; 
  3. Pension; 
  4. Vacation; 
  5. Pay Rate; and, 
  6. Job Status.

In addition to Ombudsman services, our ESGR team provides Employer Outreach and Unit Outreach teams that welcome opportunities brief the highlights of USERRA.  Requests for USERRA briefings should be sent to the ESGR Volunteer Support Technician at

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