Spouse’s Corner

ESGR recognizes the special needs and sacrifices made by military spouses, as well as their employers. Similar to employers of Guard and Reserve Service members, employers of military spouses frequently go above and beyond in support of their employee and family.

To recognize this support, ESGR has made the Patriot Award available to the supervisors of military spouses. Spouses can nominate their supervisors for support received surrounding the military service of their loved ones.

Click here to nominate your employer for the Spouse Patriot Award.

ESGR also understand the effects that military service can have on a spouse’s employment. Spouses are eligible to use the Hero 2 Hired program to search for employment opportunities in their area.

Looking to connect with other spouses? ESGR operates through a network of more than 4,700 volunteers in all 54 states, territories and the District of Columbia. Volunteer today to link up with ESGR volunteers in your area.

Family Medical Leave Act Information (FMLA):

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