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Supportive employers receive outstanding performance awards

CAMP MURRAY, Wash. – With the newly completed Washington National Guard Pierce County Readiness Center serving as the backdrop, Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition (PNDC) held its very first Puget Sound Military Employers Summit on May 31.  PNDC, in conjunction with the Washington Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve and the National Guard Association of Washington, held the summit to celebrate employers who offer support to military members and their families.

The employers were given a briefing from Assistant Adjutant General - Army, Washington National Guard Brig. Gen. Wallace Turner regarding the Washington National Guard’s evolving mission, stating this is a “great time to be in the Guard.”  Gen. Turner thanked also the employers for their continuing support of his troops.  They also received a legislative update from Rep. Christine Kilduff (28th LD), and heard from Rep. Brad Klippert (8th LD) who is also a lieutenant colonel in the Washington Army National Guard.  Casey Ingles, ceo of Tactical Tailoring, spoke of the benefits of hiring those who are or have served in the military.

Washington ESGR State Chair John Patterson awarded the Outstanding Performance Award to ControlTek, S&K Global Solutions, Tactical Tailor for their continued support in hiring those who served.   According to Dave Hunt, President & CEO of PNDC, and presenter at the summit, summarized why these companies were nominated:

·      ControlTek is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business that understands the benefits of hiring veterans. Problem solving, teamwork, discipline, and training are skills and qualities that ControlTek associates with the military.  ControlTek has found that the ability to use these skills within a civilian work environment that heavily focuses on lean manufacturing processes is invaluable.

·      S&K Global Solutions is owned by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) whose members have a legacy of military service, with over 1,200 veterans. Today, approximately 15% of its workforce consists of veterans from all branches of the military. CSKT’s experience has been that veterans bring a level of maturity and reliability that surpasses that of their non-veteran peers. Veteran employees come prepared to follow direction, learn quickly, assume responsibility, make solid decisions, and demonstrate a willingness to adapt to an evolving technical environment.

·      Tactical Tailor has been a proud supporter of military and veteran hiring, as well as military spouse hiring, since the very beginning. Tactical Tailor currently employs 7 veterans, 2 active duty soldiers and 10 military spouses. Tactical Tailor attributes a lot of its success to its employees that keep them directly connected to their end user.

Patterson also presented Hunt and PNDC with an Outstanding Performance Award According to Patterson, PNDC was presented the award for their continuing work with ESGR both in Washington and Oregon.

When CEO Casey Ingles of Tactical Tailor was asked why he supports the hiring members of the National Guard and Reserve Components, he responded, “There are some things you can’t learn in college. “  When you hire someone who serves, you get such qualities as “honor, service, commitment,” Ingles stated.

G.W. Ayers, vice president at Tactical Tailor, added that the small business has been a head of recognizing the value of hiring the veteran work force.  Ayers stated that this also includes the spouses of veterans, who have also had to make sacrifices.