Year in Review

FY14 Year in Review

The overwhelming successes shown throughout this Year in Review are a direct result of the tremendous efforts from our team of more than 4,600 volunteers, whose combined total of 242,848 hours equates to a $5.47 million return of investment. This, coupled with the positive resolution of 1,824 USERRA cases, resulted in a $6.1 million cost avoidance to the federal government, for a total savings of $11.6 million. These results are a testimony to our supportive employers, ESGR staff, and the men and women who proudly serving in the National Guard and Reserve.

Throughout FY14, one thing was clear:  ESGR volunteers continue to make great things happen!


Volunteer Hours  242,848
Number of Volunteers 4,617
Employers Influenced 145,270
Service Members Influenced 414,490
Statements of Support 50,489
Patriot Awards
USERRA Cases Assigned 2,374

To download the complete ESGR FY14 Year in Review, click the image below.